Sunday, February 25, 2018
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Chapter Administration / Forming a Chapter

Project Lifesaver chapters must be formed in liaison with a recognized public safety organization, e.g. police, fire or search and rescue unit that is part of a public safety organization.

Must be a not-for-profit agency possessing a liability insurance policy for a minimum of $2 million Canadian.

All personnel participating in the program as a responder must successfully complete operator training and be certified as an Electronic Search Specialist by a Project Lifesaver instructor. Annual re-certification is mandatory.

All Project Lifesaver volunteers must consent to an annual search of the Canadian Police Information Center, using your name and date of birth, for criminal records supported supported by finger prints and for any files held by local police matching your name and date of birth as well as a check of the Pardoned Sexual Offenders database.

Project Lifesaver volunteers are also subject to an Oath of Confidentiality.

All electronic equipment and components must be purchased from Project Lifesaver International.

For more information please contact Project Lifesaver International.

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