Sunday, February 25, 2018
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Our Purpose and Goals

  1. Project Lifesaver will establish, promote, develop and coordinate educational programs to educate the general public on Project Lifesaver.
  2. Conduct meetings to provide a public forum for promoting search and rescue technologies in Ontario.
  3. Maintain partnerships with our community partners to promote the health and safety, with people with dementia within our community.
  4. Promote the formation of local Project Lifesaver chapters within the O.P.P. and police agencies by providing support in the form of guidance, educational materials and consulting services.
  5. Promote standardization of Project Lifesavers Chapters within the O.P.P. umbrella by preparing and communicating operating procedures, programs, templates and all computerized software.
  6. Project Lifesaver’s fundraising will be used for program operations, training, certification and co-ordination of Public Safety.

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