Sunday, February 25, 2018
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Payment Instructions for New Clients



Thank you for your enrolling your loved one in the Project Lifesaver Program.  Hopefully this public service program will provide a valuable safety net to your loved one and bring piece of mind to you as a caregiver. 


Prior to enrollment in the Program, caregivers will be required to pay a $200.00 fee up front to Windsor Essex Project Lifesaver.  This $200.00  fee covers the setup of a new transmitter, band, battery and registration ($100.00).  This invoice also includes a refundable security deposit of $100 payable upon the return of the transmitter to Windsor Essex Project Lifesaver when your client is no longer enrolled in the Program. 


The $200.00 fee also covers the first month of coverage for your client.  Payment for this enrollment fee must be done by cheque and can be mailed to WEPL, 4363 Ashfield Crescent, Windsor, ON N9G 2G8.


Additionally, the caregiver will be asked to provide payment for the monthly maintenance fees required to provide replacement batteries and bands for your client.  Currently, the  fee is $35.00 per month. 

Caregivers are asked to supply monthly post dated cheques to take them to the end of calendar year.  Each cheque should be for $35.00 per client made payable to “Windsor Essex Project Lifesaver”.   Cheques can be mailed to WEPL, 4363 Ashfield Crescent, Windsor, ON N9G 2G8.

All financial obligations must be satisfied prior to the placement of the transmitter on the client.

Thank you for your cooperation in making these payments.  All fees collected go directly back into the program to purchase batteries, bands, tracking equipment and replacement transmitters for damaged units.  There are no paid salary positions within Windsor Essex Project Lifesaver so every dollar raised means we can continue to keep the cost of this valuable program affordable.  We truly do operate on a “shoe-string” budget!       



Have any questions?  Please contact us.