Sunday, February 25, 2018
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Our Mission We cannot predict when someone will become lost......however we can prepare!
Our Vision “Working together to bring loved ones home”
Our Mandate Helping people with dementia lead safer, more secure lives.
Our Values To provide aid to those afflicted with Alzheimer’s, Autism, Down’s syndrome and dementia disorders.  

To facilitate specially trained search and rescue teams to quickly locate wandering or disoriented clients through state of the art technology.

We believe passionately that Project Lifesavers technology will enhance the quality of life for people with dementia and their caregivers.

We appreciate the trust families place in our technology; we will aim to achieve the highest professional standard of Project Lifesaver.

Project Lifesavers depends on a cooperative working relationship with community partners.

Our program acknowledges the diverse needs of our clientele; we will treat all clientele and their caregivers with respect.

Our business practices and communication will be governed by honesty integrity and respect.

We will consistently measure and evaluate the effectiveness of our program based on the data collected from search and rescue operations.